History of St. Clare's Hospital Volunteers

For 40 years, members of the Schenectady Chapter have been volunteering in the Gift Shop at St. Clare's Hospital on Thursday evenings ("St. Rose night"). The commitment started in 1961 with twenty volunteers rotating in pairs. The early years also involved taking a gift cart around to the patients. Over seventy alums have worked since the begining. Today's volunteers include alumni from the 30's to the present.

In 1994 the chapter was given the opportunity to also help at the Patient Information Desk.

The chapter works at the Gift Shop and Patient Information Desk as a team of 2 people. The Patient Information Desk requires volunteering once a month and the Gift Shop approximately every 6 weeks. The Patient Information Desk volunteer night is Tuesday evenings (4-7 PM or 5-7:30 PM) and the Gift Shop night is Thursday evenings (4-7PM).

If you are interested in volunteering, contact the hospital Volunteer Office. Once you have completed the hospital requirements, contact the chapter coordinator, Ann Karl at 393-8836.